Dealing With People You Can’t Stand

On a warm sunny day, the Tank would come in the office, finds his target and unleash a series of cannon balls full with allegation. He exhibited a belligerent behaviour, was confrontational and disres[...]

Memories of Another Open University Day

Life is a series of cycles. Sometimes, things that you encounter have a way of coming back to greet you again in many different forms time and time again.  I have been with OUM full-time since 2005 bu[...]

A New Direction

I am  excited to announce the launch of OUM’s official blog, a new initiative by the University which aims at providing an avenue for the community to get to know us better. Thousands of people have [...]

A New Horizon

Welcome students, readers and staff of OUM to the University’s very own blog. The Internet is a strong tool that is changing the way we do things. It provides a powerful platform for people to [...]