The Institute of Professional Development (IPD) offers continuous professional development courses for working adults that enable them to enhance their portfolio and soar higher in their career.

The latest programme offered is Career Certificate in Technopreneur Game Animation Design. With increasing demand for more elaborate computer games, the gaming industry is actively sourcing for game developers who are skilled in digital computer painting techniques and animation.

The gaming industry is witnessing a shift towards collaborative games and developers usually host a series of tournaments for gamers worldwide. The keen interest to explore beyond computer games, now known as e-games, has created a need for game developers. This new career is becoming a popular choice among members of the younger generation who live and breathe the virtual reality of the gaming industry.

The Career Certificate in Technopreneur Game Animation Design combines the techniques of digital painting using Adobe Photoshop and animation to produce the artwork applicable to game design and animation. The artwork can be animation background for game design, textures for 3-D animation, concept art and illustration.

The core subject of this course is Digital Painting, which prepares the students to move on to 2-D and 3-D Animation.
The skills acquired in the course can also be applied in areas beyond animation such as illustration and fine art.


Entry Requirements
• 18 years old and above • Able to read, write and speak in English and Bahasa Malaysia

Course Objectives
At the end of the course, students will be able to:
• Utilise the various tools and techniques in digital painting
• Apply design principles and theories to design problems
• Develop business acumen to become technopreneurs

Course Structure
• Introduction to 3D Animation
• Overview of Digital Painting
• Basics of Photoshop
• Creating 3-D Scenes from primitives
• Basics of Photoshop Brushes
• Polygon Mesh Editing Tools
• Materials and Texturing
• Cameras and Lightings
• Animation, Rendering and Output Techniques
• Entrepreneurship

Materials needed for the course
• Sketchbook – students are required to create at least five drawings per week
• Da Vinci Steampunk Gun

Duration 6 months

Course Fee Semester 1 – RM5388 Semester 2 – RM5988

Total – RM11,376 (Instalment)
Lump Sum – RM10,500 (Lump sum)

For more details on the programme, contact Azam Abdul Jalil at 603-27732139 or e-mail: